Who We Serve

We help those whose lives and well-being were threatened in their land of origin and who were forced to find refuge in the United States. To anyone who knows what it means to be outcast and afraid, who has been torn from everything familiar and compelled to start a new life from scratch, who suddenly finds themselves a stranger in a strange land, CARE-Austin extends an outstretched hand of welcome, caring, and support. Click here to learn more.

What We Do

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas. We assist refugees and their families during their first years in the United States by providing them with the linguistic, material, and emotional support necessary to integrate successfully into their new homeland. We also help connect prospective volunteers with refugees who need their help. Please contact us for more info.

How You Can Help

Donate your time, your skills, your financial resources, your knowledge about how this country functions and how to function within it. If you are a professional, donate your expertise. If you love Austin, take a family on a tour of the hill country or a museum or a park or the Capitol. The possibilities are almost endless! Click here to learn more.