Welcome to the United States of America

Dear compatriots!

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the United States of America.

As we all know, in the beginning immigrant life is very difficult and not without challenges, but coming to the United States is different in every way.

These differences are most often seen in the lives of refugees and returnees in terms of cultural, civil, religious, linguistic and legal status. Learning English is very difficult for new immigrants. But after a short time or two years, children, especially elementary school students, can easily speak fluent English.

The schools here are divided into three main sections:

Elementary schools – from kindergarten to first grade to fifth grade.
Intermediate school – from the sixth grade to the eighth grade
High schools – where they teach from ninth grade to twelfth grade graduation.

Our story, like that of many other immigrants, is that it was very difficult for us to learn English. Upon arrival here they were enrolled in schools by a charitable agency or organization. One of my brothers and I started studying at the International High School and we studied at the school for two full years.

It is true that English language was taught in this school, but help happens in every school. We didn’t get good grades in the first year we were in ninth grade. But in 10th grade, our goal was to get a score of more than 5%. We would be busy in our lessons day and night. That’s why we were able to get our names in the top ten students at the end of the year and we had to choose another school for the 11th grade. Because the school only accepts ninth and tenth grade students. We transferred ourselves to another school. When we went to another school, we also learned about exams that didn’t even speak in an international school. The International School does not provide the information that is most needed for a student’s future. For example! Not to mention the GRADE POINT AVERAGE GPA or the STAR or other special exams that are considered very important for the university. That’s what we learned about in the eleventh grade. Which should have been understood earlier.

This meant that we had to study from ninth grade to twelfth grade in another school instead of an international one. But unfortunately it was too late to get the information.

From what we have experienced, we recommend you not to experience it as a human being, a Muslim and an Afghan citizen.

So in the end, our recommendation to you is to choose a school instead of International High School where you have completed at least the last four years of schooling with the above information can guarantee you a better and brighter future. شی. Language can be learned in any school.

Respect: Long live Afghanistan

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