We thought in America everyone was rich.

Hi I am Kabir Hekmati. I am 13 years old. I am from Afghanistan. All of my family is from Afghanistan. We are here in America for two years and 6 months. The people of Afghanistan think that America is a country that everyone is rich. We thought the same thing but when we came here it was different. We were still happy that we had food stamp and Medicare but when we went to school we didn’t know the language so the school wasn’t so fun at first. Then when we learned the language the school was fun for us. We used to live in apartments that were dark and the area was so dirty after a little while we knew Tina she helped us a lot she was bringing us stuff she was bringing us what ever we needed and we were thankful of her and a little while we moved to another apartment and now we live here. So we have a Ukulele teacher he teaches us Ukulele and now I know how to play it. I can do art and I always draw and do art. I drew a lot of stuff from the TV. I learned it by my self and for the summer school I had an art class. We did a lot of painting at that class. Now we are happy living in America. My dad works and my mom makes masks to keep the people safe from the covid-19 and we are planning to buy a house maybe next year. My big brother is 15 years old. He works for the Urban Roots and next year I will be 14 and I will be working with Urban Roots too, so we could save money and buy a house. My goal is to be working at computer science and help the government because the government helped us first when we came here.

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