From Afghanistan to USA

From Afghanistan to USA

A journey of our life from our homeland Afghanistan to the USA!

My name is Ehsanullah Daadman ; I am 17 years old; and I am an LBJ High School last year student.

We are from Afghanistan, and we live in Austin Texas USA.  We came to the USA in year 2017; we started our journey from collecting our baggage and heading toward the Hamid Karzai international airport, that is the only international airport in Kabul. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan; we lived in Kabul for almost eleven years and living there for those eleven long years made Kabul the only familiar place for me in the whole world.  Most of us started and went to school in Kabul. I started my school from first grade in Rahman Mina middle school, that middle school had classes from First grade through 9th   Grade.  After middle school, you needed to go to high school, which was from 10th grade through 12th grade.  It was not a middle school like; we have it here in the USA that teaches grade 6 through grade 8th.  The education system was different; the main differences are subjects, school days, teaching method, and hours of school. Now let’s see how there are differences between the USA education system and the Afghanistan’s education system. First, in Afghan schools you will have 14 or 16 subjects, while in USA we have only 8 subjects for a whole year. Second, school days there in Afghanistan we had to go to school six days in weak and Friday was the only day that was off day, but here in USA we have two days Saturday and Sunday. Third, teaching method of Afghans school, there in Afghanistan we had a book for each subject, but here in the USA we do not have any book for any subject. We do have 8 subjects here in our school but not specific books for them.  Number 4, it was the school hours.  Students in USA high schools are going to school for 7 or 8 hours, but there were high schools durations only 3 to 4 hours in a single day in Afghanistan.  These are the main differences between schools in Afghanistan and here.  Back to the trip, after leaving Kabul international airport, it took us two nights and one day to get here to the USA. As we knew that USA has different religion, language(s), Laws, and culture. These were the four main challenges that we needed to face, they were not problems and they were not challenges. Religion and culture, I am glad that USA is a free country which gives the right to practices or celebrations whatever religion and culture you want to practice. So we were sure that there will be not much problem with these two challenges. One of these challenges was hard, which was language. Language was hard because we had to learn it in order to communicate in our daily activities with people around you, like I said we had different culture, religion and languages. I speak Pashto and Dari that are the two formal or national languages of Afghanistan.  Speaking English with Americans was totally a new experience, it was hard to know everything in English and I knew some English that I could understand a simple conversation.  I started my first US school at international high school. International was a high school that is built for immigrant students or new comers from other countries who do not know how to speak English. I was my freshman and sophomore year. I was just learning English and going to school back and forth every day.  After a year and half which was my sophomore year second semester, I heard about TSI and GPA. TSI is college level test and GPA stand for grade point average.  So I was sad that no one even our teachers haven’t told us anything about GPA.  After that moment, I started studying hard and I was trying to get all those A and  A+. From getting those A and A + I became in the top ten students of the year.  I personally do not recommend international school or schools like intentional for new comers. The reason why I do not recommend is because not only they haven’t talked or told us about GPA or TSI, they also didn’t tell us about the other important tests for high school students like the SAT or ACT.  I have only one more time left to take these two tests because of the international high school.  You have the right to take these tests four times along those four years.   If you want to be one of the top students qualifying for high standard and well famous colleges/universities, International High School (HIS) Austin is not the right school for you. To me, I will not choose to go to schools like international high.


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