The most important thing you can do when you arrive in America is make sure you and your family learn English. We offer a list of places that offer English classes (called ESL classes) and give you a list of places you can learn online. We also offer tips on how to get a better education and how you can start studying for the citizenship test. 

English as a Second Language Classes: Basic English for Everyday Life

Manos de Cristo English classes will begin on January 18, 2022

Online classes and in-person classes will be offered. 

Mornings :   9.30 to 11.30am Twice a week
Evenings : 6.30 to 8.30pm Twice a week


Mornings : 9 – 12pm Twice a week
Evenings : 6-9pm Twice a week

Registration : $50 per course
Registration begins January 17, 2022

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Questions? Call (512) 270-1375