Don’t Be Scared

Hi, my name is Ahmad Kamal Hekmati. I’m 15 years old. We came to the U.S. at October of 2017.When we first got here we thought we will be very rich because people in our country thinks the U.S. is a place where everyone is rich. We were so happy. When we got to U.S. things were different. We were scared to go somewhere or talk to someone. When I first got to school I was scared to be in class with deferent people. There was a boy name Ahmad. He helped me so much through everything in the school. After a few years I learned everything and made new friends. Now I’m in 10th grade in high school and I play soccer. We got the best soccer team between all the schools. I’m also doing the Austin Community College program.The ACC program is the way that you will study two years of college in high school. I also work on a farm named “Urban Roots.”  Last week I got my first paycheck. When you first get to the U.S., don’t be scared because the U.S. is land of opportunities. If you work hard or study hard you will reach your goals.  Thank you.

Ahmad “Qumers” Hekmati


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